iSTOREi Research Council (iSiRC)

OUR SHARED RESEARCH MISSION. The In-Store Implementation Network is committed to advancing fact-based understanding about business practices that enable excellence in retail compliance and superior performance. Individual Members and Corporate Sponsors are invited to join us on this journey of discovery.

BENCHMARKS AND BEST PRACTICES. Ripe areas for innovation, testing and development include:

  • Sensing – Practices for detecting and measuring relevant store conditions and monitoring shopper behavior
  • Compliance – Practices for ensuring implementation of merchandising and promotion plans in the retail environment
  • Transparency – Practices for sharing business insights with role-based exposure of performance data to decision makers
  • Collaboration – Practices for aligning goal-setting and implementation activities across departments and among trading partners

iSTOREi NETWORK WILL CURATE AND PUBLISH case studies, best practices, articles and research reports created by other responsible organizations in our Knowledge Base. Queries and submissions are welcome. Acceptance will be subject to suitability guidelines.

PARTNERS ARE INVITED to collaborate on original industry research and other thought leadership assets, conducted under the iSTOREi Network banner. Contact us to share your ideas.