5 Opportunities to Boost Merchandising Execution to Greatness

COMING THURSDAY, MARCH 23: Great webinar opportunity from RetailWire.com: Join experts from OneDoor, Zebra Technologies and Retailing In Focus LLC for a penetrating look at how mastering merchandising execution boosts retail performance.

In evaluating 250 retail organizations, One Door found a stunning overall lack of maturity in merchandising execution.

Those companies that ranked highly in merchandising acumen, however, were seeing marked year-over-year improvements in sales conversion. In viewing the results, it became clear to what extent mastering merchandising execution boosts retail performance for many retailers.

In this exclusive RetailWire webinar, Tom Erskine, CMO, One Door, will top-line the study results and outline five key opportunities for improving bottom and top line retail performance through best-in-class merchandising execution. Tom will then be joined by Shawn Harris and Dick Seesel of the RetailWire BrainTrust for an engaging follow-up discussion and audience Q&A.


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