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IN A HIGHLY-REGARDED article in Harvard Business Review, three Booz & Company consultants offered a useful classification of the factors that affect how well businesses execute their strategies. Originally published in 2008, the lessons are useful to current In-Store Implementation practitioners and to business leaders of all types.

The authors identified 17 fundamental traits that affect execution success and grouped them into four classifications — Information, Decision Rights, Motivators and Structure. Here’s how one observer defined them:

  • Information Flow: How readily and unfiltered information is communicated both internally within the organization and the information flow back/forth to the customers.
  • Decision Rights: Aspects related to employees having a clear and unambiguous understanding as to who can make decisions and for what.
  • Motivators: Those attributes related to true accountability and career advancement based on accurate performance appraisal processes.
  • Structure: Aspects of an organization related to reporting and hierarchy.

All matter greatly when it comes to achieving a very high level of compliance with merchandising and promotional plans in the retail store.

We probably can agree with little debate that clear, timely and accurate two-way flow of task information between headquarters and the front line is a fundamental element for success at In-Store Implementation. Performance transparency is of premium value between trading partners and services providers.

The notion of “decision rights” is most intriguing in this context. There is great value in empowerment, when it enables managers to affect positive business outcomes. It’s equally valuable for workers in the stores, when they know they can take immediate action to resolve issues with support from systems, policies and clearly defined practices.

To find this classic article, The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution, by Gary L. Neilson, Karla L. Martin and Elizabeth Powers on the HBR site, click here. It’s worth a look, and please share your point of view here in the comments.

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